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Evelyn the Adventurous Entomologist

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Back in 1881, when Evelyn Cheesman was born, English girls were expected to be clean and dressed in frilly dresses. But Evelyn crawled in dirt and collected glow worms in jars. When girls grew up they were expected to marry and look after children. But Evelyn took charge of the London Zoo insect house, filling it with crawling and fluttering specimens and breathing life back into the dusty exhibits. In the early 1920s, women were expected to stay home, but Evelyn embarked on eight solo expeditions to distant islands. She collected over 70,000 insect specimens, discovered new species, had tangles with sticky spider webs, and tumbled from a cliff. Inspire children to believe in their dreams and blaze their own trail with the story of Evelyn's amazing life!

"Throughout the clearly written text, Evans emphasizes Cheesman’s lifelong response to society’s warnings against everything from girls going on bug hunts to women exploring alone: she would go anyway. The attractive illustrations work closely with the narrative, highlighting exciting moments and underscoring important points." ― Booklist

"A lively introduction to Cheesman and her scientific career." ― Booklist

Evelyn the Adventurous Entomologist read by Christine Evans.

Recorded and posted with permission of The Innovation Press for a limited period.

Also on Christine's YouTube Channel are some quick Behind the Book videos about illustrations, ideas, and revision.

FREE: Invent an Insect Activity 

Extend the activity by writing display cards that Evelyn Cheesman could use for the invented insect in the London Zoo insect house.

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