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The Wish Library 

Chapter Book Series for 7-10 year olds (1st - 4th graders)


Illustrated by Patrick Corrigan

Published by Albert Whitman & Company. 

Book 1 Snow Day in May: Raven is having the worst week ever. Her best friend Belle has just moved away, and tomorrow is Voices of History Day. Raven and Belle were working on their project together, and now Raven has to present alone―in front of the whole class. But when Raven stumbles upon the Wish Library and asks for school to be canceled, she faces a whole new challenge―and finds that just maybe she had the bravery she needed all along.

Book 2 Principal for a Day: When Raven leaves for vacation, Luca finds himself on his own again. As the new kid at Lincoln Elementary, he’s tired of getting told what to do by everyone around him. So despite his best friend’s warnings, Luca visits the Wish Library and asks to be the one in charge. But even rule makers need to compromise sometimes.

Book 3 Together Forever: Luca is still Raven's best friend. But after he made a wish from the Wish Library without her, she is definitely not going to team up with him for the upcoming talent show. Despite her grudge, something keeps bringing them together―something almost…magical. Luca is the only other person who knows about the Wish Library, and he promises he didn’t make another wish without her. But if he didn’t, who did?

Book 4 The Wish That Got Away

The magic of the Wish Library is on the loose! Can Raven and Luca put a stop to it once and for all?

Usually, Raven and Luca make wishes to solve their own problems. But when an accident in the Wish Library starts causing problems across town, it's not something that can simply be wished away. Can the pair take what they've learned about wishes--and about themselves--and find a way to save the town?

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